25 Jul 2010

Make internet work for you!

We all know that the economic crisis has affected everybody on a different level. Loss of earning, no sales on online craft shops or very little, redundancies and so on.........

Sometimes life is not fair.

Look at me for example, last week I had to change not 1 but 4 tyres on my car. I was about to go on holidays to see my mum down in Marseilles when my local garage man told me that my can belt was about to die (very important part in an engine). I have an appointment on tuesday morning, 45kms away from where I live, @ a garage for repair.............I am sure i will pray everything and everybody to arrive intact and with no accident on the way.

So no holidays this year as most of my cash is gone................in my car..............which was supposed to take me on holidays!!!!!

But today I find that internet could bring me a little bit more money. I subscribe to a website, which link is on the side of my blog, who pays you to read articles. I do not have a problem with reading i love it, and articles are related to what you like, be it culture, fashion, crafts, etc......

Ok...........i am not going to become a millionnaire overnight..........but if you like reading then maybe it is worth having a look.

Have a nice day, nice holidays (for those lucky ones) and see you next time!